Team case studies

Evaluation of Mugg & Bean, a South African casual dining concept. How would the United States market accept the brand and concept?

The founders of Mugg & Bean had for a period of 10 years been evaluating the American market for their brand. In order to reach a conclusion, Tranic franchising was engaged to conduct a workshop in South Africa. In August 2010, the Tranic team augmented by Paul Facella, author of the leading business publication "All I know in business I learned at McDonalds," met in Johannesburg.

The workshops spanned five days and the South African offering of the brand was examined. The Tranic team assessed Mugg & Bean's site selection criteria; operations; product and service offering; franchising control; name and brand. Exercises were conducted to benchmark Mugg & Bean's projected positioning in the USA against profiled competition in that country.

The report of the workshop recommended - and provided a strategy for - Mugg & Bean to enter the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Subsequent research has endorsed the findings of the Tranic franchising workshop and, following our guidelines, the founders of Mugg & Bean have commenced the entry process.

This case study demonstrated that, whilst Tranic Franchising's recognised strength is in assisting brands into the Asian market, its team is capable of helping brands into any market in the world.

Granite City, USA

Bob Scheidecker, Head of Operations at Tranic, has contributed to the impressive turnaround of the NASDAQ-listed food and brewery brand, Granite City. As independent shareholder and key management, he used his expertise in operations, IT., systems, service, human resources, purchasing and accounting to streamline and systematize the group so that it is profitable and scalable.

Granite City gained 28% in revenues within its first year of revitalization and is now scalable to the extent that a new restaurant may be opened within a month. The group plans expansion to 33 stores by the end of 2012.

Bob has an outstanding record in systemized, operational expansion having been responsible, among other activities, for introducing the Starbucks drive-thru' model and building it to 1100 successful stores in the US.

Amersport, USA

Bill Churchfield, Tranic's Head of Development, advises the world-leading European sporting goods brand Amer Sports, on its USA entry strategy. Bill has developed an unerring strategic approach to analysis of brands' positioning and its implications for real estate. He also advises Amer Sports on their licensing strategy; licensed stores vs. corporate stores and types of licenses based on markets, competition and legal issues.

Amer Sports plans to expand to 200 stores in the US market.

Bill's previous experience with Starbucks and McDonalds led him to develop these brands' presence seamlessly across multiple markets and countries. In China alone, he introduced 200 Starbucks in the first two years. His local and international strategies have been critical to profitable expansion.